Improving Food Quality with HFCS
high fructose corn syrup in foodsU.S. food manufacturers recognize the ability of HFCS to preserve and increase product quality while adding taste, texture and freshness. High fructose corn syrup provides many added benefits, including:
  • Texture - Chewy cookies, snack bars and other baked goods derive their soft and moist texture from HFCS since it retains moisture and resists crystallization after baking.
  • Browning - HFCS is a reducing sugar that gives superior browning and flavor to baked goods such as breads, dinner rolls, cakes, cookies and breakfast cereals.
  • Stability - HFCS maintains the long-term quality of beverages and condiments by protecting them from variations due to storage temperature fluctuations or low product acidity.
  • Consistency - High fructose corn syrup has a lower freezing point, so frozen beverage concentrates can be poured straight from the freezer and are easier for consumers to thaw and mix with water.
  • Baking - The sugars in HFCS are quickly and easily fermented resulting in sweeter bread that is more economical to make than with table sugar.
Given all of that, it's not surprising that you see HFCS in a lot of the products you see on the supermarket shelves. And now the next time you see HFCS listed on the ingredient list of your favorite product, you’ll know why. Learn more about how much HFCS is in foods.

Jim Laidler, M.D., answers the question: Why is high fructose corn syrup used? 

“HFCS is a useful ingredient because of its sweetness and ability to blend with other food and beverage ingredients.”
International Food Information Council
Kris Clark, Ph.D., R.D., F.A.C.S.M., Assistant Professor and Director of Sports Nutrition, The Pennsylvania State University, shares information and clears up confusion about high fructose corn syrup and its role in sports drinks.